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Every vehicle needs several automotive fluids in order to run properly. Some of the most important fluids include engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze and power steering fluid. Bring your vehicle to Hillside Tire & Service to make sure your vehicle's fluids are:

  • Filled to the proper level
  • Clean and clear
  • Free of leaks


If you notice stains, puddles or drops of fluid under your vehicle, check them immediately and call Hillside Tire & Service.

  • Yellowish green, pastel blue or fluorescent orange colors could indicate an overheated engine, or an antifreeze leak caused by a bad hose, faulty water pump or leaking radiator.
  • Dark brown or black oily fluid usually means the engine is leaking oil. This could be caused by a bad seal or gasket.
  • Red oily fluid indicates a transmission or power-steering fluid leak.
  • Clear water isn't usually a problem. It's probably normal condensation from your vehicle's air conditioner.